Let us compare FileTransfer.io with Workupload

Almost all of us using email today and most facing the space problem despite that modern email providers getting better and better and allowing you to send bigger files, it is still not enough in many cases, that is why file transfers like FileTransfer.io and Workupload were made.

Both can easily and free deliver files to your recipient, Workupload allows you to upload up to 2 GB per file. However, FileTransfer.io increases this number by three and provides free service where you can simply share up to 6 GB file packages.

Comparison of free versions

The offer is similar to the core. However, FileTransfer.io provides more GB for your shared files and password-protected packages, even for unregistered users.



Maximum size of data package 6 GB 2 GB
Expire date 21 days 90 days
Download limit 50× -
Allow comments YES NO
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES YES
Multi-platform optimization YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
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Is it possible to send files without registration?

Yes, both FileTransfer.io and Workupload allow you to use their free offer even unregistered. On top of that, they also provide more premium functions like file password for free.

On the other side, if you become a registered user on FileTransfer.io, you can start downloading your file package and do not have an active download limit in 24 hours.

Ads on FileTransfer.io and Workupload

FileTransfer.io and Workupload will not annoy you with crowds of ads because they are ad-free.

What if I lost my internet connection

On Workupload, you have to start the whole upload again, which is not a problem because the max size is 2 GB. However, if you want to increase package size and still enjoy uninterrupted upload where you don't have to start all over again, try FileTransfer.io. They developed a unique feature that will automatically begin uploading where it stopped before the internet disconnected.

Premium version of FileTransfer.io and Workupload

The premium model is operated only by FileTransfer.io, and if you prepaid their package, you start uploading up to 60 GB without an expiration date and start to download expired files.

Who is faster?

It is hard to tell because, in most cases, upload speed depends more on your local internet connection. Both providers use the best servers that are spread all over the world to mediate the best quality service.

What about the price?

Wokrupload has only a free offer. On FileTransfer.io, you can become a monthly subscriber for only $7.50 and increase uploading capacity ten times.

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