Is FileTransfer better than MyAirBridge?

Suppose you need to send files that cannot fit into a common email message. The best way to send your package is via a file transfer platform. However, which one should you choose? And What to look at if you are choosing a file transfer service? That is what We are answering in our comparison series.

Today, We are comparing with MyAirBridge, which are both premium file transfers that are providing great service.

Comparison of free versions

Both platforms have free versions that offer enough transfer capacity and great free features. has in common 6 GB for its users with a password secured option, and all files expire in 21 days. On the other hand, MyAirBridge offers up to 20 GB with that will stay downloadable for only two days.


Maximum size of data package 6 GB 20 GB
Expire date 21 days 2 days
Download limit 50× None
Allow comments YES YES
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES NO
Multi-platform optimization YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
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The biggest difference between and MyAirBridge is definitely the size and expiration date. You can clearly see that MyAirBridge comes handy if you want to send more files or a bigger package. Filetransfer, on the other hand, is the best option for longer storage and secure transports thanks to password protection.

Is it possible to send files without registration?

Nowadays, most file transfers have a free version. However, these two can be used without registration, but what's more, and MyAirBridge will give you a registration bonus. will give you files history, function to add comments and options to download without activating the 50x download limit in the first 24 hours. MyAirBridge increases the expiration limit by one day and also increases the transfer limit to 200 GB per 30 days.

We definitely support these rewards for account creations. It is definitely better than bothering people with annoying "sign up" ads. So, thumbs up for us.

Ads on and MyAirBridge

Lucky for us, both platforms offer completely ad-free environments that will not bother you with annoying advertisements even if you are a free and unregistered user.

What happened if you lost your internet connection?

Internet connection is getting better and better in stats every year. However, some locations like Australia are still very problematic, and there is nothing more frustrating than lost connection in the middle of uploading. How to deal with this problem? developed technology that will automatically resume your uploading after you reconnect, which is fantastic, and you can enjoy uploading in more exotic locations with a weak internet connection. Unfortunately, if you are a MyAirBridge user. You have to start the whole uploading process again.

Premium version of and MyAirBridge

Of course, both reviewing platforms have premium versions because it is their main source of income. Nonetheless, in this case, the premium version also wins for the customer because you can get a rich offer for a few dollars.

Let us count all advantages on In a premium subscription that is paid monthly, you can get a feature that allows you to download expired files. Your data never expires again. You don't have any download limits, and your maximum data package size increases ten times into 60 GB.

MyAirBridge, on the other hand, provides a monthly paid premium with three different price categories. Cheapest one is named Basic, and you get 100 GB storage, 50 GB to transfer your files. Your 30 days transfer limit increases from 100 GB into 1 TB. The Expiration date is after payment - 10 days. Your recipients can download 20 times with full speed, and you will get two times more download and upload priority. For expensive premium packages, check the official website of MyAirBridge.

Who is faster: or MyAirBridge?

This task cannot be answered easily because both FileTransfer and MyAirBridge using the fastest internet connection with servers spread all around the world. Nonetheless, the thing that depends more is your local internet connection, so if you have any connection problems, contact your local internet provider first.

Price of and MyAirBridge offers you all advantages written above for only $7.50 per month. MyAirBridge charges $3.4 for the Basic version, $11 for Pro version, and $3.4 for $68 for Enterprise version with many advantages. All MyAirBridge packages are paid monthly.

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