Is FileTransfer better than Anonfile?

We are presenting a comparison of Anonfile and Two different platforms, both with a free to use built. What are differences in file sharing features and which one is more economical?

WeTransfer is one of the most well-known file transfers because of its easy to use environment and generous free offer. Nonetheless, raised the bar even higher and made an awesome user experience for all customers.

Is it possible to send files without registration?

On both platforms, you can upload files without being a member of the site. On the other side, unpaid registration on will allow you to look back on your packages, adding comments, and the first 24 hours are not included in the 50x download limit.

Anonfile does not have any registration system or sign up button, so you have to be unregistered the whole time.

Anonfile vs Filetransfer: comparison of free versions


Maximum size of data package 6 GB ?
Expire date 21 days -
Download limit 50× -
Allow comments YES NO
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES NO
Multi-platform optimization YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
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Upload limits of and Anonfile

Anonfile is a free app where you can share small files via the internet. It is pretty simple to use, however its design resembles the times of Windows XP. It is also not clear what is the maximum upload size as they claim that you can share files up to 20GB, yet we received an error saying “server responded with 0 code” while uploading files much smaller.

In fact, we failed to upload any file on Anonfile at the time of our test (mid-June 2020). It is possible, that it was just a temporary issue that has been fixed, yet it is the reason why we couldn’t provide you with precise data. comes to the place with generous 6 GB to share for free users and up to 60 GB for the premium. It also has advanced functions such as password protection or messages attached to files.

FileTransfer and Anonfile are both ad-free

There are no pop-ups on or Anonfile. Both apps won’t disturb you with any annoying ads, so you can only focus on sharing and downloading files. Anonfile, however, triggered both antiviruses that we used during comparison (Avast!, Norton) and they flagged the page as a possible threat.

What if I lose internet connection?

Lucky for all of us, the internet connection is getting better every day worldwide. However, some of us live in countries with a weak internet connection, and they shouldn't be disadvantaged because of that.

That is why added a feature that automatically returns uploading where it interrupted after you reconnect. We couldn’t test this feature with Anonfile as we failed to upload different types of files at all occasions.

Premium version of and Anonfile

In this comparison, the premium version provides only The premium subscription is paid monthly and you get access to deleted data packages, and you can start uploading files up to 60 GB.

Which service is faster?

In many cases, upload speed is limited only by your local internet connection. has stable servers spread all over the world and works with no drops in speed. We couldn’t measure the download speed at Anonfile, as it didn’t work while testing.

Filetransfer vs Anonfile: who is more reliable?

Anonfile doesn’t work at the moment, and we found many reviews from the past that mention that it is used for phishing or illegal software sharing. At, you get more stable servers and better-organized user interface with no ads or need for registration. You can try for yourself as both of them offer free instances.

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