Is FileTransfer better than pCloud?

Many of us have faced the problem of not being able to send files by email due to their size. This particular problem will solve excellent file transfer, that could send big data with cooperation with your email.

This task is made well by, who also provides the option to share your files via a link, or you could try pCloud, which also lets you share files via email, plus you can store data on their side.

Comparison of free versions

Often the most significant question is: What is the free offer and is worthy of my attention? For and pCloud the answer is yes.

pCloud provides up to 5 GB for every file package for free. increases this number by one GB up to 6 GB and adds a password feature to secure your transfered files.


Maximum size of data package 6 GB 5 GB
Expire date 21 days -
Download limit 50× / file 50 GB / month
Allows comments YES YES
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES NO
Multi-platform optimization YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
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Is it possible to send files without registration?

Of course, both platforms let you use their free offer unregistered. On top of that, gives you an option to share your files via a link and guard it with a password even if you did not sign up. pCloud offers up to 5 GB for each file to transfer without registration; however, if you also want to use online space to store your data, you have to sign up.

Ads on and pCloud

None, FileTransfer and pCloud is not like most other websites that bother customers with abusive ads. So you can freely enjoy the platforms, and if you want to support them, you could buy a premium version.

What if I lost my internet connection?

This problem was solved by automatic upload resume after you reconnect, which is very special and can save a lot of time if you are in the weak internet signal areas. pCloud does not provide a similar solution, and you have to start your upload again.

Premium version of and pCloud

Here we come to a crossroads because pCloud is primarily focused on a Cloud service from premium offers. You could expect more cloud storage, and that is correct for cloud service. So you get 500 GB of storage in premium and 2 TB in premium plus and also an increase in download link traffic up to 500 GB and 2 TB in higher version plus 30 days trash history. is the second way of our crossroads, thus focusing more on transferring service. So you get availability to share files up to 60 GB, download deleted files, get no expiration date, and an unlimited amount of downloads.

Who is faster?

This question can not be answered because it depends more on your local internet connection. Both platforms are using the best servers with the highest internet connection possible, and the servers are spread around the world.

What about the price?

pCloud clouding service starting at $67 per year, or you can buy it forever for $540., you can afford for only $7.50 per month.

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