Let us compare FileTransfer.io with WeSendit

Are you looking for a way to easily store or send your data via the internet? For this purpose, you will need a solid file transfer service like Filetransfer.io or WeSendit. We bring you a comparison of two similar filesharing platforms.

These platforms both proceed with this task very well. However, if you need to quickly upload more than 5 GB, try FileTransfer.io. This website mediates simplification of the transfer process and many advanced features offered for free.

WeSendit vs FileTransfer.io: Free versions comparison

Both services offer similar deals. Still, some differences are good to point out. For example, on WeSendit, you can store your data for 3 days, while FileTransfer.io keeps them for 21 days. Below, you have an organized spreadsheet of comparison between free versions.



Maximum size of data package 6 GB 5 GB
Expire date 21 days 3 days
Download limit 50× 15×
Allow comments YES YES
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES NO
Multi-platform optimization YES NO
Upload resume YES NO
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Premium version of FileTransfer.io and WeSendit

To achieve all the capabilities of both sites, you can buy premium subscriptions and get advanced features. This is the overview of the limits of various premium plans.


WeSendit (turbo)

WeSendit (business)

Maximum size of data package 60 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Expire date Never 30 days Never
Download limit None 25× 50×
Allow comments YES YES YES
Password protection YES YES YES
Upload resume YES NO NO
Multi-platform optimization YES NO NO
Price per month $7.50 $7.90 $9.90
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Is it possible to send files without registration?

Of course, FileTransfer and WeSendit provide immediate data transfer for unregistered users. However, if you sign up for Filetransfer.io, you will get many more advantages like search history. You can add comments to data transfers, and in 24h, your data packages are downloadable without activating the limit.

What if I lost internet connection?

Everybody knows the unpleasant feeling when your connection fails in the middle of uploading. Do not worry. The Filetransfer.io team fixed this problem with an automatic upload resume after your network reconnects. So as a registered user, you can enjoy uploading in any weather and any situation.

Which is safer, FileTransfer or WeSendit?

Nowadays, our data is one of the most valuable things we have, and nobody wants to share them with unauthorized people. That is why Filetransfer.io and WeSendit focus on this task so much. On both websites, you will get high-security measures against data theft.

Filetransfer.io additionally offers to set up a password when you are sending files. This feature can be used even by free users.

Which filesharing platform is faster?

It depends more on your local internet connection. Both Filetransfer.io and WeSendit developed reliable technologies that afford you to upload hundreds of megabytes per second if that is what your connection allows.

Price of Filetransfer.io and WeSendit

The paid version of WeSendit starts at $7.90. Filetransfer.io costs $7.50, You can try both services for free.

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