Side by side comparison of and WeTransfer

What if you could send big files with the name of your email to many recipients? It sounds good, right? That is exactly what good file transfers like and WeTransfer do. You can just simply go on their side, drag and drop your files on the page and send it or you can generate a download link and share it everywhere you want.

WeTransfer is one of the most well-known file transfers because of its easy to use environment and generous free offer. Nonetheless, raised the bar even higher and made an awesome user experience for all customers.

Comparison of free versions

First things first, that is why we made a sheet comparison of the most significant features. This tab compares only free versions, and you can clearly see that via, you can send three times more data per each transfer than via WeTransfer.

On the other hand, WeTransfer does not have any download limit, so the sent files are infinitely downloadable for 7 days.


Maximum size of data package 6 GB 2 GB
Expire date 21 days 7 days
Download limit 50× NONE
Recipients limit NONE 10×
Allow comments YES YES
Ad-free YES YES
Password protection YES NO
Multi-platform optimization YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
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Is it possible to send files without registration?

If you want, just send your files without registration. Both and WeTransfer are offering you this option. In addition to this, they are also providing completely ad-free environments.

However, if you sign up for, you get special features. For example, for the first 24 hours, you can download the package without activating the download limit.

What if I lost my internet connection?

From the side of reviewing file transfer platforms, it should not happen. However, We know that many of us live in countries or locations with a weaker internet connection or you want to upload something on holiday.

On the WeTransfer, you have to start over and repeat the whole uploading process. It is not a problem if you're uploading small files. Nonetheless, it can be really frustrating when transferring extensive data. That is why implies a feature that automatically restores uploading at the point where it stopped after you reconnect.

Comparison of premium versions

What if you decide to extend the basic offer? Which one of these platforms will serve you more?
To answer this question, we made another tab comparison for a more precise comparison. (Premium)

WeTransfer (Pro)

Maximum size of data package 60 GB 20 GB
Expire date NEVER 28 days
Download limit NONE NONE
Recipients limit NONE 50×
Cloud storage NO 1 TB
Password protection YES YES
Upload resume YES NO
Price/month $2.42 $14.00
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You can see that is more suitable for sending and sharing files because of its rich 60 GB transfer with no expiration date. On the other side, on WeTransfer, you get 1 TB of cloud space to store your files.

Who is faster?

Really tricky question because it cannot be answered quickly. and WeTransfer are providing high-end servers for your transmissions, and these servers are spread all around the globe. However, the traffic on reviewed platforms can slow down the connection.

Still, for casual users, the connection with the server is stable and quick. A bigger problem can be your local internet connection, which can be solved only by your local internet provider or by buying a more powerful router.

What about the price?

As we can see in the premium comparison tab is much cheaper, and it offers a more generous transfer capacity. Nonetheless, if you are also searching for cloud storage capacity, WeTransfer may be right for you.

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